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is dedicated to “classic” audio tours, in museums or exhibitions.

The Orpheo audio guide is a compact and highly durable device, specifically designed for public usage.

Orpheo audio guides offer all the classic functionalities of an audio player. The visitor can adjust the volume, pause the messages and resume playing at will.

Audioguide Ltd  can provide many different services, including content consulting services andtechnological adaptation to suit your specific needs

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Orpheo MIKRO

You can enjoy its modern functionality without the sticker shock associated with similar products in the industry.

Dedicated for traditional audio tours, the Orpheo MIKRO’s sophisticated design incorporates a display screen and standard size keyboard while providing the convenience of a compact size.

It is a very light and handy device, comparable to a cell phone, capable of providing quality commentary for each point-of-interest in your site.

Ask more: Mob +372 6 55 66 33